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cost of running an online store

How much does it cost to run an online store?


Do you want to open an online shop and you are not sure about the cost? Are you worried you do not have enough capital to start? Get to know the low-budget e-commerce solution and see how you can afford your own e-business.

1. How much does it cost to start an online store – low cost of entering the e-commerce market.

running an online store

You probably read reviews on forums and wondered what are the costs to open an online shop. The good news is- you do not have to invest a lot of cash right away. All you need is focus on developing your e-business within a time.

Get rid of fears! If you create a website on a shop platform, you will limit the initial expenses spent on individual software.

First, register your domain. Some companies provide good discounts, so you can even get the first year of free domain.Then test the e-commerce software for 14 days free of charge. If Offerer software meets your expectations and we are pretty sure it will so, choose the best plan and subscribe. We have good deals for you!

We have prepared individual price packages tailored to the needs of our clients. In the beginning, in order to check how your business will develop, you can choose the basic subscription, and after a time with the development of your e-business, decide on a higher package, which will give you more possibilities. Running your own online shop doesn’t have to be expensive  ????

Check the PRICING and see for yourself that you can start a professional online store at an affordable price!

2. No additional costs related to shop configuration

An online shop for a subscription option is a perfect solution for beginners in an e-commerce market. Because you do not pay additional costs related to the configuration. Say goodbye to buying additional applications or paying for new features.

With Offerer, all the necessary integrations for your e-business are included in the subscription price. You can integrate your online store with couriers, payment systems, price comparison sites or online accountancy programmes.

Life is much easier when you do not need a programmer’s help to configure your e-store. You can handle the whole process with just a few clicks. However, if the administration panel service is causing you a problem, you can always contact our technical support.

3. Professional RWD graphic template for free

professional graphic

You want an online store with professional graphics, but you can not afford an individual solution? You can choose a responsive and modern graphics template, adapted to mobile devices. Use the Template Creator and easily adapt the visual setting to your design idea.

At the beginning of your e-commerce adventure, your funds are limited. Therefore, the Offerer Template Creator feature has been included in every subscription package, at no additional fees. When your store will start to bring profits, you can think about individual graphics project that will improve your brand awareness.

Read more about graphics HERE


4. You don’t need a programmer

Offerer store platform is user-friendly. That’s why you can easily navigate in the administration panel.

Functions are divided into logical groups, and each option has a special button with a ‘?’  to help you with navigation. Check for yourself that even without IT skills, you can manage your shop online.

Please note that the administration server, updates, and security are on our side. We are always available for you, our emergency line is available 24/7, so you can contact us whenever you need. It’s all included in a subscription package.

5. Benefits package

benefit package

At the beginning of your on e-commerce journey,  it can be difficult. First, you are proud that you have your online store but with this comes an overwhelming amount of responsibilities, for example negotiating contracts or planning promotions.

In order to help you to enter the market, we have prepared a special Benefits Package. In this package, you will find attractive offers e.g Google AdWords.

Learn more about Benefits Packages HERE

As you can see, opening an online store does not have to be expensive or difficult. In the case of using the subscription platform, you limit the costs of entering the e-commerce market. You can develop your e-business peacefully over time and with low costs. And what is the cost of running a store? Find the answer below ????

6. How much does it cost to run an online store?

You have already learned about the costs of e-shop, and probably you are wondering how to plan a budget for the functioning of e-business. The cost of running an online store depends on several factors.

Remember that it is not enough to just set up a website – to make your store profitable, you should promote it intensively. The cost of doing business will highly depend on the advertising methods you choose.

Entrepreneurs beginners usually invest in positioning, Google AdWords campaigns, comparison websites, and Facebook Ads.

Another factor that determines the costs of running an online store is the type of industry in which you operate. Some e-businesses need more money in order to start.

The costs of running an online store also depend on the logistic model. The main point is whether you will have a warehouse and what fees you will pay for it.

To minimize these fees, beginner entrepreneurs often decide to run a warehouse at home and sell in the dropshipping model.

What else is important when it comes to the budget of running your online shop?  Fixed costs, such as bills for telephone or internet.

Remember it’s important to specify all expenses and prepare financial resources for the first 6 months. At this time, your e-business should start earning money, and the cost of running your online store will be balanced according to profit.

Best of luck and we keep our fingers crossed for you! ????

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